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ガラス工房 まつぼっくり ツブツブ イエロー ガラスペン

Glass Studio Pinecone Tsubutsubu Yellow Glass Pen

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※手作り商品のため、1点ごとに色合いや配色バランス、サイズなどが多少異なる場合がございます。 手作りならではの風合いをお楽しみください。

[Collection description]

● Tsubutsubu

Glass frit is welded to the inside of the shaft.
Please enjoy the glittering appearance despite the simple design.

[Brand description]

● Glass Studio Matsubonkuri

Glass studio pine cone

All original glass pens

After about 10 years of training as a physics and chemistry glass craftsman, the creator Kiyoshi Matsumura became independent as an oxygen burner work + borosilicate glass craftsman in 1995. Since then, I have continued to create various works (products) from vessels such as glass rings, pendants, and wine glasses to objects. Then, I started producing glass pens around 2007, making use of all the know-how and technical experience in this field. Since then, we have consistently adhered to the stance of original manufacturing in all aspects. This applies not only to glass pens, but also to all my works.

[glass pen]

Brand name: Glass Studio Matsucone Product name: Tsubutsubu
Color: Yellow Size: Total length: Approx. 175mm Shaft diameter: Approx. 12mm
Weight: about 16g
Material: Glass



商品の模様や色合いには、個体差があります。 また、商品写真はできる限り実物の色に近づけるよう努めておりますが、お使いのモニターの設定、お部屋の照明等により、実際の色味と異なる場合がございます。 あらかじめご了承ください。