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Choosing a fountain pen for the first time

Choosing a fountain pen for the first time

I think that the reasons for choosing a fountain pen for the first time are different for each person.
For yourself or as a gift at a milestone in life such as finding a job or becoming independent. Also, I was interested in it because my friends and seniors had it.

However, there may be many people who say, "Fountain pens are difficult," "It seems difficult to maintain," and "I don't know how to use them."

It does require some care, but it's not difficult. The more you use the pen tip, the more you will get used to it.

I hope that this column will serve as a reference when choosing your first fountain pen.

What is the price difference between fountain pens?

Don't you have an image that a fountain pen is expensive? Differences in fountain pen prices are due to different nib materials and brands. In general, gold pens are more expensive than iron pens, and foreign brand pens are more expensive than domestic ones.

Many domestic brands have standard designs, high quality, low prices, and specifications that assume writing in kanji, so it is easy to write, so it is recommended for the first time.

Once you've gotten used to handling and writing with a domestic fountain pen, use a foreign brand as your second pen. Overseas brands with superior designs such as materials and textures should teach us more about the charm and joy of fountain pens.

What is the price difference between fountain pens?

Differences in pen nibs and how to choose them

Differences in pen nibs and how to choose them

Whether you choose an iron pen or a gold pen as your first pen is up to you.

The big difference is the price. Iron pens have a hard writing feel and are difficult to repair, but they are relatively affordable. Gold pens have a soft writing feel and can be used for a long time while being repaired, but the price is also higher.

If you have a high writing pressure, you may damage the pen tip if you suddenly start using a gold pen, so we recommend that you first get used to writing with a fountain pen with an iron pen.

For those who want to enjoy the unique writing feel of a fountain pen, we recommend a gold pen from the beginning.

Pen nib character width and how to select it

In fact, there is no clear standard for the font width of fountain pens, and even with the same EF, the thickness of domestic and foreign brand fountain pens often differs considerably. As a rough guideline, it is good to remember that foreign brands are 1-2 levels thicker than domestic brands.

How to choose the thickness of the nib depends on the purpose, but if you mainly write in your notebook or take notes, you should choose EF or F. In addition, MF and M are recommended for diaries, resumes, letters, etc., with moderate thickness, so you can use them conveniently.

You may often see expressions such as slimy or slippery when referring to the writing feel of a fountain pen, but a fountain pen with a narrow character width will produce a crisp writing feel. For those who want to enjoy a slimy or slippery writing experience, we recommend choosing a medium-sized or thicker font.

Pen nib character width and how to select it

Differences in Ink Suction Methods and How to Select Them

Differences in Ink Suction Methods and How to Select Them

If you are buying a fountain pen for the first time, we recommend using the cartridge type or the dual-use type.

Cartridge type printers are easy to handle because they are just cartridges, but the ink colors are limited.

If it is a dual-use type, you can enjoy the cartridge at first, and if you have the time and knowledge to enjoy the ink, you can enjoy the bottle ink. The fun of ink is also the real pleasure of a fountain pen.

Recommended for the first fountain pen! 3 Selections of Japanese Fountain Pens

pilot custom 74
FKKN-12SR-B Black

The first recommended domestic fountain pen is the Pilot.
Compared to overseas brands, the quality is more stable among domestic brands, and the quality of the pilot is even more stable.
It is right the royal road of the domestic fountain pen. Pilot was the first to develop a capless fountain pen that pursued the convenience of a ballpoint pen.
PellePenna recommends the standard model Custom 74. Although it is an entry-level model, there are 11 types of pen nibs, from the general F (fine) to the unique MS (music), so you should be able to find your favorite writing style.

Platinum Fountain Pen #3776 Century #2 Chenonceau White PNB-13000

Platinum has many long-selling products with high technology and cost performance. Platinum's unique "slip-seal mechanism" keeps the ink from drying out even when the pen is not used for a long time, and maintains the same writing feel.
PellePenna recommends #3776 Century #2 Chenonceau White. Platinum's flagship model. You can prevent the ink from drying for up to two years.
For the platinum fountain pen, the platinum flagship model “# 3776” has been renewed for the first time in 33 years. Engaged in the manufacture of fountain pens since its founding in 1919, it is the culmination of cultivated tradition and tireless technology. How about a classic model in soft white, which is recommended for women?

Sailor Fountain Pen Profit Standard Black

Sailor Fountain Pen manufactured the first 14K gold fountain pen in Japan. The charm of the Sailor Fountain Pen is the perfect balance of ink flow and the soft writing feel combined with the unique soft nib.
There are also fountain pens with short pens that are easy for women to hold, and limited edition models that are released regularly are popular among collectors.
Pellepenna recommends the Profit Standard. This fountain pen is the starting point of Sailor's masterpiece "Profit Series". Stubborn sailor tradition and technology, and a soft form that fits in your hand. Recommended for those who use a fountain pen for the first time.

Recommended for the second one! Overseas brand fountain pen

Recommended for the second one!
Overseas brand fountain pen

Leonardo Nostalgia

Leonardo Officina Italiana is a brand launched in 2018 by a workshop that has been making writing instruments in Southern Italy for over 45 years.

Founder Salvatore Matrone has a father, Mr. Ciro Matrone, one of the founding members of the writing instrument maker "Delta", which once took the world by storm, and has a history of being involved in Delta's product design. Behind the brand lies the technology and know-how passed down from father to son, as well as many years of experience and tradition.

The wing mark of the logo is derived from the wing sketch left by Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, who shares the name of the brand. Just as Da Vinci devoted himself to research to understand how birds fly in the sky, it expresses the brand's stance of trying to master the making of fountain pens.

Japan limited model "Nostalgia" means "nostalgia". A collection that embodies the nostalgia that exists in everyone's heart.

Montegrappa Elmo 02

Founded in 1912 in Bassano del Grappa, Veneto, northern Italy. I am known as the maker which produced the fountain pen for the first time in Italy. In the 1920s, it became one of the few writing instrument manufacturers to use celluloid, and in the 30s, it produced octagonal shaft pens, which are the symbol of Montegrappa today. In 1978, the company name was changed to Montegrappa.

Beautifully decorated using local traditional silver craft techniques, it is also praised as a writing jewel.

Named after one of the co-founders, Heinrich Helm (commonly known as Elmo), this pen does not lose its gorgeousness while minimizing the use of metal parts. It features a conical top and fluted clip.

Diplomat Excellence A2

Diplomat was founded in 1922 in Hennef, Germany, as a manufacturer of high-end writing instruments. By introducing the cartridge-type fountain pen for the first time in the German market in 1958, the Diplomat name spread and grew into a first-class brand.

In 2008, the 86th anniversary of our founding, we made major changes to our logo and the shape of our clips. The current logo is called "Ink Flower" with a design that resembles a droplet of ink to a flower petal.

The nib is harder than other gold pens, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the feeling of writing with a fountain pen. Also, the ballpoint pen writes smoothly.

The unique deep green color and luxurious and solid design are especially popular with men.

Fountain pens have different types of nibs depending on the manufacturer, and there are individual differences in the writing comfort of each pen. Perepenna will help you find the fountain pen that will be your important partner.

Also, if you are concerned about the writing quality of a fountain pen, please use Perepenna's "Pen Clinic". Once a month, a professional pen doctor will adjust your fountain pen for free at the Namba Pele Penna store. It is also possible to customize according to the writing habits and pressure of the user. * Currently, it is held irregularly and requires advance reservations.

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