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オロビアンコ トリプロ ブルーⅭT 多機能ペン

Orobianco Triplo Blue CT Multi-function Pen

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[Brand Description]

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Orobianco is a brand born in Gallarate, Italy.
The brand quickly became popular after its bags began being sold in numerous select shops in Japan.
Despite their innovative designs, they continue to produce a variety of products other than bags, ranging from items that are easy to use everyday to household goods.

[Multi-function pen]

Brand name: Orobianco Product name: Tripro Color: Blue CT
Specifications: Multi-function pen (black and red ballpoint pen/pencil)
Ballpoint pen part: 0.7mm (ball diameter), rotating retractable Pencil part: 0.5mm (core), knock type Size: shaft diameter 10mm (cap 11mm) x length 142mm
Weight: 22g
Country of Origin: Japan Material: Aluminum (anodized)