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International shipments

We can ship only glass dip pens as international shipments.


1, You choose a product you'd like to purchase and put it into a shopping cart by clicking the white bottom circled in red.

2, You can click the black section circled in red for confirming purchasing.

3, When you fill in the blanks with your information, the system will recognize automatically that the order comes from overseas.

Consumption tax will be reduced from the total amount.

4, Then your freight cost will be added an invoice.

Please proceed with the payment by clicking the blue bottom circled in red.

5, Please fill in the blank with your information of a credit card.

Then please click the blue bottom circled in red so that every procedure will be completed.

6 , Once we receive the information that your payment will be completed.

We are starting making shipments immediately.

If you have any question or anything, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.