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The first fountain pen of the Pellepenna shop staff

When you bought your first fountain pen, what kind of fountain pen did you choose?

I think that there was some kind of opportunity, such as finding a job or becoming independent, and I think that I chose it after carefully researching it among various fountain pens.

I wrote a column about "the first fountain pen" by the staff of the Pellepenna shop. Please take a look!

The manager's first fountain pen

The manager's first fountain pen

My first fountain pen is the Delta Dolce Vita Medium Fountain Pen. There must have been many people who were captivated by the orange color of this fountain pen. Even at that time, it was a powerful fountain pen.

I was worried about which one to choose among the various brands of fountain pens. To be honest, there was also the price... However, as I look at it every day, I want to use it for a long time, and the desire to write a lot has increased day by day. The nib is 18K gold. I thought a gold pen would be good. And looks matter too! It has been narrowed down considerably. It was also attractive to be able to use it with a cartridge and an inhalation type. A color like no other. I decided on an orange fountain pen from the Italian brand Delta.

Then, Delta fountain pens were used in movies and became very popular, and unfortunately they are now out of business. I've been using it for a long time, so I have fond memories of it, and it's still my favorite fountain pen, and I still use it to write letters and diaries. I still get excited when I see Italian fountain pens.

(Ink used: Perepenna original ink “Iris”)

The staff's first fountain pen

The veteran staff's first fountain pen

The first fountain pen I bought was the Waterman Charleston Ivory GT. I had only used a fountain pen once or twice when I was in junior high school. I think the reason I chose this fountain pen out of many brands and designs was because I liked the look and design at the time and wanted to hold one.

It features a barrel-shaped body, cap, and an Art Deco design with a classic feel. I remember that the small tip of the pen made it easy for me, a beginner at the time, to use. I liked the color of Waterman's blue ink and used only blue.

Unfortunately, it has already been discontinued, but I am using it regularly while repairing it several times. I would like to continue to use it carefully.

(Ink used: Perepenna original ink “Christmas Rose” )

The staff's first fountain pen

The staff's first fountain pen

The first fountain pen I bought was a Plaisir, a platinum fountain pen. I didn't have the courage to buy an expensive fountain pen yet, and I wanted something easy to use, so I chose Plaisir because it doesn't dry easily.

The tip of the Plaisir pen is slightly rounded, which makes it easy to use even for me, who is left-handed, and I use it often. There are many color variations, and I think it would be nice to have several in different colors. The round design is also cute and I love it.

I use fine print, but it's not too thin, not too thick, and it's good for writing small letters, and it doesn't get caught. I think.

(Ink used: Perepenna original ink “Kuroneko” )

How was it? Each of them had a story of choosing a fountain pen for the first time. From now on, if you are choosing a fountain pen for the first time, please refer to it.

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